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Gardman Bee Hive

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  • Handcrafted from FSC® certified timber
  • Provides a sheltered habitat for bees
  • Slate effect roof

What is the Gardman Bee Hive?

The Gardman Bee Hive is a compact bee home. It provides your local bees somewhere to stay safe during the winter months.

It provides a sheltered habitat for bees. The slate effect roof keeps the internal chambers dry. The side walls of the the bee hive are angled so water runs off. The bee hive is handcrafted from FSC® certified timber.

Providing a bee hive is a great way to help protect bees. Bees are one of the main natural pollinators and without them the food chain would likely collapse. Bees do so much good for your garden. If you have any fruits or vegetables that rely on pollinators, then doing your bit to protect your local bee population is a great idea.