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Gardman Wall Trough Coco Liner

Gardman Wall Trough Coco Liner

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What is The Gardman Wall Trough Coco Liner?

Compatible with the Blacksmith premium wall trough, these standard coco liners are used to replace the existing or old, worn out and discoloured coco liners that are supplied with each trough. For a deeper, thicker liner that absorbs more water with improved drainage, use the premium wall trough coco liner.

These pre-moulded liners comprise of long-lasting coco fibres with a latex coating and serve several functions:

  • Act as a barrier to hold your compost
  • Preserve water
  • Control drainage to help with water management

Coco liners keep the potting compost inside your hanging basket, wall manger or wall trough. The coco fibres soak up water and hold many times their weight. Once saturated, the coco liner retains water and drains at a consistent pace. This helps to maintain the best growing conditions for longer periods.

Blacksmith Premium Wall Trough - Standard coco liner sizes available:

  • H 16 cm (6.2") x W 60 cm (24") x D 17 cm (6.6")
  • H 17 cm (6.6") x W 75 cm (30") x D 17 cm (6.6")
  • H 17 cm (6.6") x W 90 cm (36") x D 17 cm (6.6")

Using readymade soil-perlite mixes or adding perlite to your preferred compost mix provides further water retention. Perlite is a porous, inert volcanic rock acts to hold water for your plant’s roots to access, allowing longer periods between watering.

Garden tip:

  • If you don’t buy a ready-mixed formula, mix perlite to your preferred potting mix so it makes up around 10-50% of the total volume. Add 10-20% perlite if you want better water retention and don't plan on using a lot of extra nutrients.
  • For extra water retention, line the bottom of your trough liner (leaving the sides open) with a couple of lengths cut from used compost bags or similar. Punch drainage holes to avoid waterlogging.


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