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G.A.S EC Fan Controller and Balancer Bundle

G.A.S EC Fan Controller and Balancer Bundle

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  • Automatically control your fans speed
  • Maintains user set temperatures
  • Perfectly balance the pressure in your room
  • Precise climate control for your entire space
  • No humming from the fans
  • Saves you electrical costs
  • Shows minimum and maximum temperature
  • Displays in °C or °F


Control and Balance fans for ultimate environmental control If you’re using systemair EC fans such as the Revolution Vector

We’ve bundled together the G.A.S EC Fan Balancer and G.A.S EC Fan Controller so you can gain and maintain ultimate control over your environment for more consistent, larger yields. For those using EC systemair fans like the Revolution Vector

G.A.S EC Fan Controller

The controller not only thermostatically controls your intake and exhaust fans, but reacts intelligently to changes in temperature. Your fans will speed up or slow down depending on the environmental conditions in the room.

The Reactive Temperature Technology ‘RTT’ actively monitors and adjusts fan speed.

This saves energy and reduces wear on your ventilation system. The EC fan controller can be coupled to a fan balancer to give you the ultimate control over your intake and exhaust fans.

Reactive Temperature Technology (RTT) is a brand new technology developed specially for indoor climate rooms. The controller has a built-in microchip that stands guard over your climate room. If there is a sudden spike in temperature the controller will react quickly, stabilising the temperature. If there is a small rise in temperature, the controller will increase the fan speed gradually.

Traditional AC fans like the RVK use the same amount of power when put on a controller, with EC fans like the vector, turning down the fan uses proportionally less power so you’ll recoup the costs of a set-up like this over time.

G.A.S EC Fan Balancer

If you’re running two EC fans that are the same size, you’ll need a balancer to make sure you maintain negative pressure inside your grow room.

You can control maximum fan speeds of both intake and exhaust fans with the balancer. Precise control of the negative pressure within your room is simple with the balancer – it even works with the fan controller so negative pressure is maintained when temperature events cause the fan to ramp up or down.

Always set the outtake fan higher than the intake fan to stop positive pressure ever occurring in your grow room environment.


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