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G.A.S EC2 Controller

G.A.S EC2 Controller

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  • Helps to maintain set grow room temperatures
  • Set balanced maximum and minimum fan speeds
  • Helps to control costs for fans
  • Intelligent, automated temperature control

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What is the G.A.S EC2 Controller?

The G.A.S EC2 controller works to allow you to optimise your grow room environment*. This intelligent controller offers balanced fan control to speed up or slow down your fans, depending on the temperature reading from the inbuilt temperature probe. The built in fan-balancer lets you fine tune the difference in speeds between the intake and outtake fan. This allows you to create the perfect balance and maintain a negative pressure.

Thermostatically Controlled Fan Speeds

Thermostatic controls allow you to set the maximum and minimum speeds to tailor your exhaust and intake fans to maintain your set temperature.

Why do I need the GAS EC2 Controller?

This EC fan controller is for you if you want to tailor your GAS EC intake and outtake fans to give your grow room the best possible environment.

Key Benefits of the G.A.S EC2 Controller

Powered From The GAS EC Fan

The EC2 controller connects to and takes its power directly from the GAS EC fans you're running. So, there's no need to tie up additional power points.

Temperature Control

The EC 2 controller uses an integrated temperature probe to monitor your grow room temperature. You can set your desired grow room temperature using the temperature dial.

Maximum and Minimum Fan Speed Control

The EC2 Controller uses the temperature data to change the speeds of your intake and outtake fans to help maintain your set temperature. The max. and min. fan speed dials allow you to choose your own settings for your fans. These settings are used for both outtake and intake fans and you'll use the Offset control to change the speed of your intake fan to allow you maintain a negative pressure inside your grow room.

The ability to set your own maximum and minimum fan speeds allows you to tailor your fans to suit your own situation. Lower fan speeds can help keep noise down or allow you to use your fans across different-sized growing rooms.

Offset Control

The offset control works to offset the intake fan against the maximum and minimum fan speed settings. This allows you to tailor and maintain a negative pressure in your grow room, ensuring the internal air is removed via your filter.

How Do I Use The G.A.S EC2 Controller?

Situate your EC2 controller outside the grow room so you easily access it and avoid disturbing your plants. Position the temperature probe in the grow room where you want to maintain the temperature.

Four dials allow you to set:

  • Temperature
  • Maximum desired fan speed
  • Minimum desired fan speed
  • Offset

The temperature sensor is situated inside the grow room, anywhere you want to monitor/control the temperature. The controller plugs directly into your Systemair EC fan via an active Y-splitter cable, that supplies power and data to your EC fans.

How Do I Set The Grow Room Temperature with a G.A.S EC2 Controller?

You'll put the temperature sensor in the grow room and set the temperature dial to your desired grow room temperature. The controller has an inbuilt 2-degree celsius margin that works to automatically ramp the fan up to the maximum set speed when the temperature supasses the set temperature (by 2-degrees).

The controller will slow the fan to the minimum set speed while the temperature reading remains within the set temperature range.

The G.A.S EC2 Controller also allows you to adjust additional fans using an active Y-splitter cable.

*The G.A.S EC2 controller helps to regulate grow room temperatures and has no control over humidity levels.


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