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G.A.S EC5 Fan Controller and Balancer

G.A.S EC5 Fan Controller and Balancer

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  • Control and balance your EC fans from a single unit
  • Reactive temperature technology
  • Min/Max fan speeds for intake and outtake
  • Set Negative pressure
  • Active cables; Takes the power from your fan
  • Compatible with all Systemair’s EC Fan Range

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Take Total control over both your intake and outake EC systemair Fans.

The EC5 Fan Controller Plugs directly into any Systemair EC Fan.

EC5 Fan controller is a thermostatic controller with reactive temperature technology (RTT) so it intelligently reacts to changes in the environmental conditions in an appropriate manner; large spikes in temperature (like when the lights come on) leads to the controller signalling fans to react quickly, ramping up/down quickly to maintain your set temps. Small environmental changes are dealt with slowly. This leads to much more consistent temperatures in your growing environment which will provide the plants the ideal environment for healthy, bountiful harvests.

How To Use the G.A.S EC5 Fan Controller & Balancer :

Supplied with complete instructions, including various configurations.

No power packs or power cables required – the EC5 takes its power from the fan via the active cables

Once your fans are plugged into the controller and the temperature probe is place in the centre of the canopy, simply set your desired temperature and the min and max speed for both your intake and extractor fan, maintaining negative pressure and your set temperature.

Please note: The EC5 Fan Controller and Balancer is supplied with 1 x 5m active cable so if you want to control 2 fans, you'll require an additional Active Cable


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