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Gavita 630w CMH

Gavita 630w CMH

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  • Latest HID tech in indoor horticulture
  • Balanced, full spectrum
  • High efficiency; 1.9umol per watt
  • Your choice of 930 (red) or 942 (blue) lamp
  • Suitable for use with the Gavita Master Controller
  • Perfect as a standalone fixture

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The Perfect primary source of balanced, full spectrum light

Full spectrum light as your primary source for footprints up to 1.5m2. If you’re currently using 1000w HPS fixtures, it’s easy to swap over to CMH with these fixtures as you can keep your current layout & just swap the fixtures. If you need to light a smaller area or need a supplemental option, take a look at the Gavita 315w CMH

The Gavita 630w CMH is compatible with the Gavita Master Controller which redefines the traditional installation of lighting fixtures, as there’s no need for contactors and clocks as the controller takes care of everything. Use of the controller gives added safety features such as automatic dimming of your lights at elevated temperatures and even a safety shutdown if variables go outside optimal levels.

When auto-dim event occurs on the 630w unit, one of the lamps is switched off to bring variables back to optimal ranges. On the next auto-dim event, the lamp is alternated so both bulbs wear equally across a grow.

The Gavita 630w is compatible with the Repeater Bus cabling system, allowing you to daisy-chain the fixtures in your installation. A Repeater Bus interconnect cable is included with every fixture. You can connect 5 strings of 100 fixtures per Master controller port. This enables you to control up to 1000 fixtures on one EL2 controller – perfect for industrial scale applications or for use alongside other Gavita fixtures in smaller spaces.

The fixture comprises of a ballast, reflector and lamp in one complete compact package. Made according to the highest horticultural standards, the housing of the ballast is sealed and contains a gore-tex® plug to ventilate the housing, while keeping dust and humidity out. With no external lamp wires, there’s a low electromagnetic interference (EMI), making it compliant with FCC regulations.

Gavita mount the PCB and heat-generating components directly on the heat sinks instead of in a ballast bracket. The much cooler electronics result in a greater reliability, higher efficiency and a longer life. The innovative design of the fins across the housing increases the cooling effect thanks to the large surface area that allows for passive cooling with no fans!

The fixture is equipped with the M 132 SE CMH 630 reflector (medium, 132 degrees beam angle, for double CDM 315 fixtures). The medium reflector is designed for CMH only installations and will give you over 90% uniformity on your crop with an optimal horizontal penetration, allowing fruit further down the branch to fully ripen. We recommend swapping lamps and reflectors yearly to keep your gardens efficiency high.

With Your choice of Philips lamp included, the gavita 315w CMH will help you bring your gardens quality up. We suggest using 942 4.3k (blue) lamps for vegetative growth and supplementary applications, while the 930 3k (red) lamp is best suited for floral development but can also be used throughout the entire lifecycle of the plant. You can find replacement 315w Philips lamps here

How to use the Gavita 630w CMH Fixture:

Insert the lamp into the holder using a cloth or a pair of gloves

It’s easy to hang with just two balanced hanging points

Suspend your fixture with one of our light hangers, securely attaching your grow lights and allowing for easy vertical repositioning.

Set the height of the fixture from the canopy – we suggest around 30 – 50cm above

Plug in and get growing!


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