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Gavita Pro Slimline 1000 DE E Series UK

Gavita Pro Slimline 1000 DE E Series UK

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  • The professional fixture of choice
  • Complete 1000 w 400 v double ended (DE) fixture
  • 5 dim options: 600 – 1150 w
  • Extremely efficient - 2100 μmol s-1 m-1
  • Perfect for a 1.5 m footprint
  • Easy to use and install
  • Efficiency at full power 95-96%

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Gavita Pro Slimline 1000 DE E-Series

The ‘E’ in Gavita ‘E-series’ products stands for external control, showing you which fixtures can be controlled by a Gavita Master Controller. Master controllers eliminate many traditional features of lighting fixtures, like contactors and clocks. The master controller takes care of everything and adds safety features, such as automatically dimming your lights at elevated temperatures and even a safety shutdown.

E-Series Evolution

The Slimline E-series units are an evolutionary step in the existing E-series range.

Improved electronics and build techniques changed the way the ballast is built. The ballast chassis is smaller and the PCB and warm components now benefit from being mounted directly to heat sinks. This enables better cooling capacity via passive cooling. Cooler electronics result in a greater reliability and a longer life.

The fully integrated Slimline E-Series fixture comprises of: the ballast; two BUS ports; HR96 DE reflector; 1000 W / 400 V lamp and two eye-bolt hanger fixings in one neat package. Made according to horticultural standards, the sealed ballast housing uses a Gore-Tex® plug for ventilation and keeping dust and humidity out. Two BUS ports allow you to hang and daisy chain multiple fixtures with centralised control from a single Gavita Master Controller.

How Do I Control My Lights?

Slimline E-series lights are intelligently controlled by a Gavita Master Controller or a basic external switch.

Gavita Master controllers provide automation by monitoring many parameters, automatically governing light intensity and making adjustments between 600, 750, 825, 1000 W with the ability to boost intensity to 1150 W.

Using a Master Controller centralises the output control for up to hundreds of fixtures in a range between 500 and 1150 W output power. Using a Master controller safeguards your valuable crop by monitoring and utilising auto-dim and auto-shutdown features, completely automating lighting control.

What's in The Box?

The Gavita Slimline 1000 DE E-Series light fixture comprises of:

  • 1000 W / 400 V double-ended lamp
  • Two interconnect cables
  • Two eye-bolt fixings
  • Highly reflective HR96 reflector
  • Compact horticultural quality ballast with integrated BUS ports for linking fixtures

The higher reflectivity and efficiency of the industry standard HR96 reflector provides an efficiency of 95-96% at full power.

Spare Parts and Upgrades

The reflector is replaceable (we recommend to do this every year to two years to maintain efficiency) and there is a choice of replacement reflectors, that are suitable in different applications:

  • The HR96 DE for overlapping configurations, assuring optimal uniformity and penetration. This is the industry standard reflector delivered with the fixture and has a high performance thanks to the 96% reflective coating.
  • The W150 DE for wide configurations, where uniformity and lower light levels are required in large rooms. 150 degrees beam angle, for double ended lamps.
  • The M 110 DE SR for applications in single rows and small rooms, where a single reflector needs to create uniformity and high light levels. 110 degrees beam angle, for double ended lamps.

The spread of the Slimline E-series equipped with the HR96 DE reflector is about 4 x 6 ft (110 x 180cm) at 3 ft distance in overlapping plans, providing light levels of up to 1000 µmol s-1 m-2. The fixture uses a Gavita Pro Plus 1000 W double ended HPS lamp, generating 2100 µmol s-1 of light. With a light maintenance of over 96% per 5000 hours you only need to replace the bulb once a year.

Mounting is easy because the fixture is balanced and only requires hanging from two eye bolts. We recommend the use of ratchet hangers to safely suspend your Gavita fixture, allowing you to easily adjust the height of the light fixture.

Replacement lamps can be found here.


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