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GHE WaterFarm

GHE WaterFarm

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  • Extremely easy to use
  • Very reliable and offers top performance
  • Your plants will grow like you’ve never seen them before


The Waterfarm is extremely easy to use, very reliable and offers top performance for all your indoor growing needs. The growing chamber is filled with clay pebbles, Coco or a 60/40 mix and suspended above a reservoir filled with nutrient enriched water. The nutrient solution is then driven through the pumping column before dripping down through the clay pebbles, Coco or 60/40 mix. This results in your roots being constantly bathed in oxygen and other nutrients so your plants will grow like you’ve never seen them before. For plants that are oxygen and nutrient rich and blooms with a boost of colour, make sure you incorporate the Waterfarm into your growing. Length 30.5cm, width is 30.5cm, height is 37cm. Effective capacity is 12 litres.


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