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Gro Warm Oil Heater

Gro Warm Oil Heater

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  • Maintain the grow room environment during the cold, winter months
  • Frost protection for your plants
  • Adjustable thermostat maintains temperatures
  • Overheating protection for maximum safety
  • Use in conjunction with an air movement fan to help eliminate cold spots


Why Use an Oil Heater?

The Gro Warm oil heaters are ideal for keeping your grow space or greenhouse warm during the colder months. Consistent environmental conditions are important for your plants growth and to avoid stress.

Maintain a Consistent Environment for Better End Results

Your plants perform best with daytime temperatures no higher than 25°C and night time temperatures no lower than 18°C. A consistent temperature, avoiding wild environmental fluctuations, is paramount to getting the best results.

In the cold winter months, external temperatures can heavily fluctuate. This can have a detrimental knock on effect for your indoor grow space, especially when your lights go off. The temperature can quickly drop when the lamp is turned off at the beginning of the night cycle.

Humidity is Also Linked to Temperature

When the temperature drops, the relative humidity increases, this leads to the air reaching maximum carry capacity. Water vapour condenses and sits on flowers and fruit causing issues like rot.

Heaters - a Simple Solution

A really simple solution to reduce the many issues associated with temperature & humidity fluctuations is to set a heater to come on around half an hour before the lights go out. This gives the heater a chance to pre-heat the room.

What Size Oil Heater Do I Need?

Generally, you require 100 watts per m². A single 1000 W (1kw) heater will heat a room up to 10 m².

Gro Warm oil heaters are available in 1000 W and 2500 W power ratings.

How Do Oil Heaters Work?

The Gro Warm oil heaters have an internal heating element that heats a free-flowing, heat-transfer oil. The oil transfers heat into the room through convection and thermal radiation via the metal fins. An adjustable thermostat allows you to control temperatures. In-built overheating protection provides maximum safety.

Garden Tip

It is a good idea to move heated air around the room to equalise microclimates, avoiding cold spots. Choose a simple air movement fan to help you achieve a consistent grow room temperature.

CAUTION: The Gro Warm oil heaters can be extremely hot to the touch. It is not advised to touch or move the heaters while in use. Always allow the heaters to cool before moving.


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