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Grow it Potato Planter Bags - Twin Pack

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  • Potato planters hold approximately 40 litres of compost
  • Pack of 2 Potato planters
  • Reusable planters that last for years
  • Small footprint H 50 cm (19.6") x Dia. 40 cm (15.7")
  • Easy to store - fold down flat

What are Grow it Potato Planter Bags?

The Grow it Potato planters are a reusable Potato planter that are perfect for growing and harvesting potatoes from. These robust and easy-to-use planter bags are quick to position around your garden as well as your patio area.

The simple and effective design means you can easily harvest potatoes from the front produce flap. Consequently, there is no digging out required. Perfect for anyone looking to grow their own food crops in a small footprint.

Storing Potato Planters

When not in use, the potato planters fold flat for easy storage. Strong carry handles provide easy transportation.

What Are the Benefits of the Grow it Potato Planter Bags?

The Grow it Potato Planter Bags have many benefits, including:

  • Strong and durable woven polythene potato planter provides structure and ample drainage
  • The planters have support rings and drainage hole in the base
  • An access flap in the lower section allows you to harvest potatoes
  • The Grow it potato planter can be reused season after season
  • The planters hold approximately 40 litres of compost and come supplied as a pack of 2
  • The small footprint of H 50 cm (19.6") x Dia. 40 cm (15.7") means you can fit multiple potato planters in a relatively small space.

How Do I Plant Potatoes in Grow it Potato Planters?

Grow it Potato Planters hold approximately 40 litres of compost and allow you to plant from 3 to 5 seed potatoes per bag. For even longer harvests, spread out planting times over multiple bags to stagger when potatoes are ready.

Garden tip:

  • For an even crop plant new seed potatoes in bags 4-6 weeks apart.

To plant seed Potatoes in Grow it Potato planters, use the following guide:

  1. 1. Put a layer of compost in the bottom of the Grow it Potato Planters and plant 3-5 seed potatoes in each bag.
  2. 2. Keep the planters well watered and regularly "earth up" emerging leaves - cover emerging leaves with fresh compost until the planter is 4/5 full - then keep well watered to help swell the developing tubers.
  3. 3. When your potatoes are ready, simply harvest by lifting the front flap.

Garden tip:

  • Depending on the type of potato you are growing, you can increase your final yield by removing any flowers. This is more prevalent if you grow "Main Crop" varieties, like Maris Pipers. Removing the flowers stops the plant wasting energy creating seeds and can lead to better yields versus not removing them.
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