600 Watt Lighting Kits

600w Grow lights continue to be the one of the quickest selling products in our catalogue; it seems everyone uses or has used a 600w grow light fixture.

600w grow lights provide a good trade off between intensity and heat output meaning you can get your fixtures much closer to the plant canopy when compared with higher wattage lights.

We stock a range of options of 600w light fixtures, from the cheapest grow lights to more premium options that have a longer life, higher output and are more stable in operation. For more info on 600w grow lights, read our buyers guide below.

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Buyer's Guide

600w Complete Light Fixtures

600w grow lights are amongst the most popular options for growers. With 600w grow lights, you only need around half a metre of headroom between the plant’s canopy and bulb so they’re great for tents or rooms with a limited head room.

600w Lights are perfectly suited for covering up to 1.2m squared of canopy.

600w fixtures can run HPS and MH conversion bulbs, so you can use the same fixture right through a plants lifecycle, with a simple switch out of the lamps.

Its easy working with 600w lights as the principles scale up or down easily, so whatever size garden you have, you can keep the same spacing and vertical height of the fixtures.

If you need more info on 600w grow lights, email us or call our specialist team on 0800 085 7995.