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Growdog Rugged Roots

Growdog Rugged Roots

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  • Increased beneficial microbial activity in the root zone
  • Encourage rapid root growth with a healthy root mass
  • Increase nutrient uptake with improved stress resistance
  • Increase stoma openings improving your plants respiration
  • Growdog Hydro/Coco and Growdog Soil Feedcharts make feeding easy

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What is GrowDog Rugged Roots?

Rugged Roots is a scientifically balanced formula that increases microbial activity to encourage plants to form thick, healthy roots. Use throughout the grow and bloom phases of your plant’s life cycle. The unique formula contains fulvic, humic and amino acids with bio stimulants to promote root and plant growth.

Rugged Roots provides improved value with its highly concentrated formula, developed by some of the industries finest scientific minds. GrowDog additives are tailored for soil, coco and hydro growing.

Happy Roots Happy Plants - Build on Solid Foundations

Natural plant hormones intensify beneficial microbe activity in the root zone to encourage fast, aggressive root growth. A dense, healthy root mass helps to dramatically increase final yields though improved nutrient uptake. Effective plant metabolism increases stoma openings, which aids plant transpiration and resistance to stress.

Getting the Best Results from GrowDog

For the best results use Rugged Roots with Mighty Minerals A & B and a GrowDog growing medium and Air Pruner pots. Promote explosive growth and add more yield by using the A & B feeds alongside GrowDog grow booster additives:

Using Rugged Roots

Rugged Roots can benefit any grow to encourage strong roots. For the best results, use with the full GrowDog range of nutrients and additives, paired with a suitable GrowDog growing media and air pruner pots.

The highly concentrated liquid formula readily mixes with your reservoir water, making it highly suited to automated or manual watering systems.

GrowDog Feedcharts

Tailored to the GrowDog range of nutrients, additives and substrates, these handy Growdog Hydro/Coco and Growdog Soil feedcharts walk you through the recommended mixing ratios for the media in use.

Supercharge Growth - Feed the Right Mix of Nutrients and Additives

Tailored to the available range, the GrowDog feed charts make feeding easy. Improve plant performance by providing the optimum nutrient/additive ratios at every stage of growth. Together, the GrowDog range provides optimum nutrient absorption, offering the right mix of high value minerals with natural chelates, essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.


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