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An alternative to Clay Balls or perlite, Growstones offer an environmentally friendly option for a fast-draining and high aeration substrate in a number of sizes, for any application. For more info on Growstones and how to use them in your system, read our buyers guide below.

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Buyer's Guide


Growstones are manufactured from recycled glass so they’re renewable and ecologically friendly. They’re very popular amongst american hydroponic growers since they have excellent drainage and aeration qualities so you can push an aggressive feed schedule to get the most out of your plants.

Growstones also have the benefit of having a larger water carrying capacity than clay balls or perlite so there will be less frequent watering, allowing you to leave your garden unattended for longer if hand watering or reduce your feed frequency if in a hydro system.

You can even mix growstones with any other substrate to improve the drainage qualities - Our customers have had great results mixing growstones with both soil and coco coir in a 50/50 mix by volume.

Growstones do not deform, compact or crumble under pressure so they’ll keep their porosity structure, water retention and aeration properties throughout a cycle. You can even use them between crops as long as you thoroughly clean them.

If you’ve got more questions about Growstones get in touch with our specialist team on 0800 085 7995 or email us as we can further advise you on the benefits of Growstones.

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