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Growth Technology Clonex Gel

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  • Easy to use Rooting Hormone Gel
  • Does not wash off during watering
  • Seals cuts and stays in contact with the stem
  • Contains 3000ppm Hormone
  • Consistently get 100% Strike rates

Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel - The Ultimate Rooting Compound!!

Clonex is relied on by professionals and amateur horticulturists the world over for repeatable results. Clonex rooting gel is used to increase the success rate of cloning mother plants by taking cuttings. It's been used billions of times and proved itself as a leading rooting gel.

Why Use Clonex Rooting Gel?

Ever wish you could regrow that one outstanding plant that gave you that bit more? Now you can with Clonex rooting compound gel!

Seeds give you genetic variation, but cuttings give you the ability to replicate the genetics of an outstanding plant. Propagating cuttings has been around for a long time, but Clonex makes it easier. This simple, no mess rooting compound delivers time and time again. It works to seal the cut to stop cuttings drying out as well as protecting against infection. The right ratio of the special rooting hormone (3000 parts per million) triggers rooting.

Key Benefits

  • Instantly seals cut tissue and eliminates the risk of infection or embolism.
  • Easy to use, no-mess gel no splashing or blowing about.
  • Contains rooting hormone at 3000 parts per million (the full strength required for explosive root development).
  • Unlike liquids and powders, Clonex remains in contact with the stem right through the rooting period and does not wash off.
  • Works with partner products Root Riot cubes and Clonex Mist to give young plants the healthiest and most powerful start in life.

How Do I Take Cuttings Using Clonex Rooting Compound?

The following process outlines how to use Clonex Rooting Gel.

Garden tip:

  • Using Clonex Mist, with its special blend of amino acids, prepares the growing tips for rooting, before they are taken from the parent plant.

Only take cuttings from healthy parent plants using sterile equipment. You can use Liquid Oxygen to sterilise your cutting equipment and avoid introducing bacterial or fungal infection and other contamination to the new cutting.

The following process highlights taking a cutting:

  1. 1. Prepare the parent plant a couple of days beforehand by spraying it with Clonex Mist.
  2. 2. Put some Clonex in a clean dish or shot glass.
  3. 3. Choose a branch with 2 or 3 sets of leaves and prepare to make two cuts:
    • Cut 1: Make the first cut with sharp pruning scissors just above a lower node (taking the 2 or 3 set of leaves above the cut).
    • Cut 2: Trim all but a couple of healthy leaves off, then take a sterile scalpel and make a 45-degree cut just below the next node (a 45-degree cut creates a larger surface area for the clonex coating).
  4. 4. Immediately dip the cutting in the clonex, covering the bottom couple of centimetres then put the cutting in your chosen medium, such as Root Riot cubes or choose a different type of propagation method.
  5. 5. Finally mist the cuttings with more Clonex Mist (repeating every 2 days) and place in your propagator of choice.

Ideally you'll have a propagation light, like a T5 propagation light on for 18 hours a day and maintain the temperature at around 23C.

Garden tip:

  • Recent Aeroponic advancements have seen a growth in popularity with Aeroponic propagators that provide rapid results. The propagation units work to maintain the perfect blend of permanent moisture exposure and access to oxygen. They provide the perfect environment for your cuttings to take hold.