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Growth Technology SB Plant Invigorator

Growth Technology SB Plant Invigorator

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  • Ready to use spray
  • Invigorates plants and kills pests.
  • Non-toxic

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SB Plant Invigorator is a unique product, which combines the benefit of a foliar feed with an environmentally-friendly pesticide.

The foliar feed promotes plants to full health and vigour, such as before a show, and is widely used by professional growers. The pesticide controls many pests including whitefly, aphids, spider mites, mealybug, scale and mildew.

SB can be used on all edible and ornamental crops and is completely non-toxic.

It is safe for children and pets after application.

SB is available in both ready-to-use format, and a concentrate that can be mixed.


How to use

Do not mix with other products.

Shake bottle well before use.

Do not spray on flowers.


We recommend you spray a small test area first to see how your plant species reacts with this product. If no burns appear within 48 hours it should be safe to use on other plants of the same species. Make sure any indoor bulbs are switched off during and after spraying.


Brand Growth Technology
Size 500ml

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