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Guanokalong Batboost K2

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  • Flower booster & taste enhancer
  • Balanced mix of guanokalong’s extract, humic acids and palm tree ashes
  • Promotes healthy root structure
  • Increase in yield, quality and taste
  • Available in 1 & 5L

This organic liquid fertilizer ‘BATBOOST’ contains 2% of K. It’s a balanced mix of Guanokalong® extract taste improver, liquid humic acids and palm tree ashes. All the different contents come with their own famous advantages in this blend ‘BATBOOST’.

Guanokalong Batboost K2 helps accelerate root structuring, allowing the plant a larger capacity for successful fruiting. Batboost also increases the amount and quality produced during the flower period, promoting an increased taste, quality and yield.

Batboost also promotes an increased resistance against bacteria leading to healthier plants that are harder to be infected.

Batboost contains a High quantity of potassium. The humus is made from 100% leonardite (highly oxidized lignite). It conditions the soil, preventing it from becoming compacted and maintaining drainage abilities.

 Batboost stimulates micro-life such as beneficial organisms. It creates elevated levels of permanent humus. Batboost can also reduce re-planting stress and water demand. It has a high PH and water buffering capacity. Guanokalong extract works as a taste improver, the humic acids help the plant to absorb the elements from the guano and other organic nutrients even more quickly.

How to Use:

Use Guanokalong® BATBOOST as a bloom fertilizer to mix with feeding water alone or together with your normal feeding regime.

Recommended dilution rate is 2-4 ml/L right through until harvest time.