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Guanokalong Extract Taste Improver

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Guanokalong Extract Taste Improver
  • 100% Natural bat dung based taste enhancer
  • NPK < 2%
  • Promotes healthy root structure
  • Increase in yield, quality and taste
  • Suitable for Soil, Coco & Hydro
  • Available in 1L & 5L

Guanokalong Extract is a blend of micro and macro nutrients including trace elements. Extract helps accelerate root structuring, allowing the plant a larger capacity for successful fruiting. Extract also increases the amount and quality produced during the flower period, promoting an increased taste, quality and yield.

Extract also promotes an increased resistance against bacteria leading to healthier plants.

Extract is versatile: it can be used Indoors or outdoors and in any substrate including hydro since it won’t clog up lines.

How to Use

Use: Directly available supplement for plants. Suitable for soil, cocos, hydro-systems.
Clones: 10 ml per lt.
Growing: 10-20 ml per lt.
Flowering: 10-30 ml per lt.
Add once a week alongside your normal nutrient regime.