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Guard'n'Aid DiatoShield - Diatomaceous Earth

Guard'n'Aid DiatoShield - Diatomaceous Earth

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  • Granulated, Calcined diatomaceous earth
  • Safe, Organic method of pest control
  • Perfect to control fungus gnats, sciarid fly
  • Easy to apply


Easy application, effective Fungus gnat control

Guard'n'Aid DiatoSHIELD is granulated, calcined diatomaceous earth (1-3mm) and is suitable for a wide range of gardening and horticultural applications. It can be used on lawns and beds as a soil improver to prevent compaction, improve aeration, structure and drainage.

It could also be used in pots and containers for the same reason as well as a drainage layer to prevent water logging or a top dressing to reduce water loss and discourage pests such as Fungus Gnats and other Sciarid Flies by preventing them laying eggs in the growing media.

We’re stocking this as a replacement for Gnat mix grow stones – The application and effectiveness when used as a top dressing are almost identical. Top dress pots with 2cm of diatomaceous earth and your pots are protected! Adult Gnats cannot penetrate the barrier, so it disrupts their natural breeding habits.


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