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Hailea Water Heater

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  • Ensure your Nutrient Solution is at the correct temperature
  • Thermostatically controlled in a range of 16-32°C
  • Best for facilitating Plants growth through colder months
  • Essential for cold growing environments during winter
  • Available from 50w - 300w

Gently warm your Nutrient Solution to the correct temperature using the Hailea Water Heater when making up batches for your plants!

When Nutrient Solution get too cold, Plants can go into shock and temporarily stop growing. When roots stay cold for prolonged periods of time, essential Nutrition will be locked out. If the Reservoir is too warm, there may be issues with root rot that develop, Keep temperatures between 18°C and 20°C to best facilitate growth

You can choose the temperature you prefer by setting the dial on the top – 18 to 20°C is normally perfect for Hydroponic applications. If the temperature drops below what is set on the adjustable dial, the Thermostat will kick in to warm the solution to the desired temperature. The Thermostat will then cut out when the water reaches the required temperature and re-engages should the temperature fall. This makes sure the water stays at a uniform temperature throughout the process.

Water Heaters are particularly useful during the winter. When ambient temperatures drop, the Reservoir temperature can also start to decrease, which could send your Plant's into shock resulting in slower development and purpling of stems and leaf veins. If a Reservoir is too cold for an extended period of time, calcium and magnesium can be locked out, this will show deficiencies in the plant, even if there is enough magnesium and calcium in the Nutrient Solution.

Water Chillers will be required during the summer months, when ambient temperatures are high which can cause the Reservoir to be too hot, increasing the chances of infection of the roots from diseases such as Pythium.

50w Water Heater

Tank Size: 40 - 60 Litres

Length: 223mm

100w Water Heater

Tank Size: 90 - 150 Litres

Length: 265mm

150w Water Heater

Tank Size: 150 - 300 Litres

Length: 300mm

200w Water Heater

Tank Size: 300 - 450 Litres

Length: 300mm

300w Water Heater

Tank Size: 600 - 800 Litres

Length: 335mm

How to Use:

The Heater works in any orientation, horizontal or vertical but you must be careful to maintain the water level around your heater otherwise it could crack and stop working.

Make sure it is securely fastened using the suction cups and the support clips provided.