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Xpert Magnetic 600W Light Kit

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  • Great Value for Money Light Kit.
  • Suitable for both novices and proffesional growers alike.
  • Our Xpert Light Kit is wall mountable offers cool and silent running with continuous genuine power output to your lamps.

Our Xpert Magnetic 600W Light Kit comes with the following: Euro Reflector, Hobby Magnetic 600W Ballast and Parbright 600W Lamp.

Our Xpert Light Kit are great for beginners and professional growers.

Great value for money.

Our Xpert Light Kit is suitable for use in the vegetative and flowering stages.

True constant 600W light output without flactuations, unlike inferior lighting systems

The Euro Reflector is a wide angle, open ended double parabolic reflector. It's made from highly reflective anodised aluminium that's hammered and dimpled

This high pressure sodium lamp is plant growth specific, stimulates enhanced flowering and is fully compatible with electronic / digital ballasts.


Xpert Magnetic 600W Ballast Features:

Genuine Quality & Power
Matched digital Smart igniter
Wall Mountable, high gloss powder coated, vented metal enclosure
Precision wound ballast
Designed in the UK
Runs high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps


Euro Reflector Features:

IEC connector fitting that allows connection to any Ballast that utilises IEC fittings

Suitable for 250w-600w lighting systems

Adjustable lamp holder and a 5 metre power cable for more flexibility

Parbright 600W Dual Spectrum 240v HPS Lamp Features:

The Parbright 600W grow light is a good option for those new to hydroponics or on a strict budget
Stimulates enhanced flowering and is fully compatible with electronic / digital ballasts.
The ballast passes a full 600W of power to the HPS lamp

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Brand Maxibright
Size Buddhas Tree Coco A+B 10L