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House & Garden Aquaflakes

House & Garden Aquaflakes

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  • Aqua Flakes has been designed specifically for recirculating hydroponic systems such as IWS and Ebb and Flood.
  • Aqua Flakes Grow has been formulated for the vegetative stage of growth of your plants.
  • Phosphorus is fixed into the nutrient; this is easily absorbed by the plant and will stimulate a successful blooming cycle.


Get the best results from your recirculating system with House & Garden Aqua Flakes – specially formulated by the experts to deliver the right balance of nutrients to your plants. Yes, re-using your water in a recirculating is a good thing but you will lose some of the essential nutrients and minerals found in clean water. All thanks to Aqua Flakes your hydroponic system will deliver the highest quality nutrients, including iron, and maintaining a healthy PH balance, leading to a strong root system, lush foliage and higher yields. House & Garden Aqua Flakes contains all the good stuff your plants need for healthy growth, including liquid main and trace elements – but it does not contain bulking agents. Use Aqua Flakes in any recirculating system and enjoy amazing results, thanks to the experts at House & Garden.


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