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House & Garden Multi Zyme

House & Garden Multi Zyme

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  • The rich blend of enzymes, co-enzymes and vitamins in Multi Zyme increases nutrient uptake and accelerates growth in 3 key ways.
  • Thickens the cambium layer – the plant’s internal plumbing system. This boosts the immune system and creates more flowering sites.
  • Breaks down base nutrients – into ready to use micro nutrients which plants find easier to take-up and use.


Boost your plant’s natural defences and help promote healthier, stronger growth with House & Garden Multi Enzymes. Plants use enzymes for all sorts of important processes, including photosynthesis, and so a healthy source of enzymes is critical for vigorous growth and high yields. House & Garden Multi Enzyme is packed full of not only enzymes and co enzymes but also vitamins, humic acid and proteins. This innovative, plant-friendly product will encourage a strong root system, helping to rid sickly and dead roots, and will counter the damaging effects of stress, all thanks to the healing power of multi enzymes! House & Garden Multi Enzymes is best used during the first five weeks of a plant's growth cycle, two weeks after planting out when the plant begins to develop its resistance to disease.


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