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Hozelock Aqua Control AC1 Water Timer

Hozelock Aqua Control AC1 Water Timer

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  • 1-year guarantee
  • Simple to use with 13 pre-programed timings
  • Flexible and battery powered water timer
  • Automates watering your garden
  • Manual watering function ranges for up to 60 minutes - great for running water sprinklers

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What is the Hozelock Aqua Control AC1 Water Timer?

The aqua control AC1 water timer is a flexible, programmable, battery powered water timer that automates watering your garden. It is a simple to use timer that automatically waters your garden.

Why Do I Need the Hozelock Aqua Control AC1 Water Timer?

This pre-programmed, flexible, battery powered water timer takes the stress out of programming for you. You simply select the program that suits you best and let the timer do the rest. The unit's pre-programmed memory remembers your selection and opens the internal valve to allow water out of your garden tap.

Key benefits

  • 24 hour pre-programmed timer
  • Frequency
  • Duration
  • Manual Watering Function
  • Water Butt Compatibility

The product allows you to select from a range of 13 pre-set programs to supply water from once per day up to four times a day. The manual watering function allows you to water whenever you need. This unit can be conveniently used with a water butt and comes complete with a range of connectors to fit your threaded garden tap. 13 pre-set programs range from 2 minutes every 24 hours to 120 minutes every 7 days.

Pre-set programs cover the most popular automatic watering timings. A manual watering function means you don’t need to wait for your chosen program to water your garden. Selecting the manual watering function opens the controller and starts a timer to water for 60 minutes, before automatically shutting off. This is perfect for watering with a sprinkler. You can also override manual watering to shut it off when you like.

Water butt compatibility means this AC Plus water timer is fully compatible to be used with water butts.

How Do I Use The Hozelock Aqua Control AC1 Water Timer?

The best time to minimise water evaporation and leaf scorch is at sunrise or sunset, but it is not always convenient to do it yourself at these times of the day. The Hozelock aqua control AC1 water timer allows you to automate your watering at sunrise or sunset. This means you can have a lie in or go for that evening walk safe in the knowledge your lawn, borders, flowers or vegetables are getting watered.

Once you program the Hozelock aqua control AC1 water timer, it will take care of watering for you. The integrated 24 hour programmable clock on the AC1 water timer provides you with complete control of when you wish to water throughout the day.

The unit simply attaches to your threaded garden tap. The male quick fit connector attaches to your hose pipe and watering attachments for automatic watering.

NOTE: This unit requires 2x 'C' Size batteries which are available separately and are not included.

The Hozelock Aqua Control AC1 Water Timer comes with a user manual that contains all the information you need to get you up and running.

Hozelock offer a 1-year guarantee when you register with them online.


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