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Hozelock Pro Metal Aquastop Hose Pipe End Connector

Hozelock Pro Metal Aquastop Hose Pipe End Connector

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  • 3-year Hozelock guarantee
  • Hozelock’s World-class Pro Metal Hose End Connector
  • Ultimate quick-release hose end connectors
  • Soft Touch Pads and Triple Locks - stays securely attached up to 10-bar
  • Compatible with Hozelock male hose end-connectors

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What is the Pro Metal AquaStop Hose Pipe End Connector?

If you want to change your garden hose pipe attachments quickly, without turning your outside tap off, then the pro metal AquaStop hose end connectors are for you.

These premium metal hose end connectors provide you with a quick-release attachment that fit to all Hozelock 15 mm (1/2") and 18" (3/4") tap connectors and other Hozelock garden watering equipment. The pro metal end connectors work by an internal stop-valve that acts to stop the water flow when you remove any attachments. This allows you to quickly change attachments, all without turning off your outside tap.

Why Do I Need Pro Metal AquaStop Hose Pipe End Connectors?

These are Hozelock's premium metal connectors. The Pro metal AquaStop quick-release hose end connectors make using your garden hose pipe really easy. These are THE choice to make if you're looking for a hose end connector upgrade for any hose pipe.

They're tough and built to last. The Zinc die cast sleeve makes the Pro Metal AquaStop strong, durable and scratch resistant to provide a lasting water tight connection. Features like click-and-connect and a triple lock, mean you can securely attach to your chosen accessory within seconds. These hose end connectors are built to fit all Hozelock male end connectors.

Soft Touch Pads and Triple Locks

Ergonomic, soft-touch pads provide a comfortable grip and a triple lock ensures the tap connection stays securely attached up to 10-bar. An internal Water Stop valve acts to stop the water flow when you remove any attachments. Using these AquaStop hose end connectors allows you to quickly fit and remove hose attachments without turning off your tap.

Strong Connection Anti-Kink Protection

The hose is securely connected thanks to barbs that connect with the inside and outside of the hose. The ingenious flexible hose-tail eliminates hose kinking, hose swelling and prevents the hose leaking at the connection point with the fitting.

Can I Use My Hose Pipe With My Kitchen Tap?

In short: YES! If you need to use an internal tap, the multi-tap connector allows you to use your hose pipe with a variety of internal taps. The multi-tap connector is compatible with the Hozelock Soft Touch AquaStop Hose Pipe Connector Plus quick-release hose end connectors.

Hozelock offer a 3-year guarantee when you register online.


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