Hozelock Ultramax Multi Spray Watering Hose Gun

Hozelock Ultramax Multi Spray Watering Hose Gun

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  • 5-year Hozelock guarantee
  • Seven spray patterns for all garden tasks
  • Made from high-quality material for increased durability
  • Quick-connect male connector enables a simple connection via hose end connectors
  • Soft touch lockable variable flow trigger with 50% and 100% water control

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What is The Hozelock Ultramax Multi Spray Watering Hose Gun?

The Hozelock Ultramax Multi Spray Watering Hose Gun is the ultimate cleaning and garden watering gun. This durable hose gun brings style to the garden with its metal accents. It combines an ultra-tough die-cast body with an ergonomic soft touch handle and a range of useful spray patterns.

What Do I Get With The Ultramax Multi Spray Watering Hose Gun?

A compact, zinc alloy body combines an ergonomic, soft-touch handle with the patented, lockable, variable flow on/off trigger. The trigger allows you tailor watering - the harder you squeeze it, the more water you get. The twistable spray head provides seven varied spray patterns. A separate flow-control allows you choke the flow from 100% to 50%. A quick-release metal hose tail allows you to easily change or remove hose fittings for storage after use.

Used with a suitable, quick-release hose end connector, it provides a simple quick-release solution to allow you to quickly swap to other attachments, like the adjustable spray nozzle.

Why Do I Need The Ultramax Multi Spray Watering Hose Gun?

The Ultramax Multi watering hose gun is great for a myriad of garden watering and cleaning jobs. From watering delicate seedlings to cleaning muddy wellingtons/boots after those wet dog walks - even cleaning your dog (or muddy kids) before letting them back in the house. It's also great for patio slabs, paths and other hose pipe jobs like watering your hanging baskets or to clean the car.

The Multi Spray Watering Hose Pro Gun features:

  • 7x spray patterns suited to general gardening and cleaning tasks:

    1. 1. Cone for delicate watering
    2. 2. Powerful jet for cleaning
    3. 3. Fast Fill for filling buckets and watering cans
    4. 4. Metal Rose for gentle watering
    5. 5. Flat for rinsing soap off cars
    6. 6. Fine mist for watering seedlings
    7. 7. Aerated for producing a soft flow

  • The soft touch water control trigger features a two-stage lock at 40% and 100% allowing you to control the hose gun on
  • An easy to use flow control dial allows you further fine configuration options to adjust the water flow from 50% to 100%

Hozelock offer a 5-year guarantee when you register this product with them.

Hozelock Hose End Connectors

Using Waterstop or Aqua Stop Plus hose end connectors provide you with a quick-release attachment that fits to Hozelock tap connectors and other Hozelock garden watering equipment. They encompass an internal stop-valve that acts to stop the water flow when you remove any attachments allowing you to quickly fit and remove spray attachments, all without turning off your outside tap.


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