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  • Derived from premium Leonardite
  • Stimulate plant enzymes
  • Effectively increase the health of your plants


Harnessing the restorative power of 8% humic acid, and derived from premium Leonardite, use HUM-BOLT to improve the health of your soil and help your plants and crops to thrive. Over-farming and erosion has led to a reduction in the amount of humic acid naturally present in soil. But the benefits of humic acid in improving ion exchange capabilities, stimulating plant enzymes, increasing the presence of beneficial organisms and acting as an organic catalyst, which have been widely held by gardeners, health experts and farmers for years, has now been confirmed by recent research. HUM-BOLT uses humic acid extracted from a mine known to produce the highest quality shale and can be used in conjunction with your nutrient feeding plan to effectively increase the health of your plants and your success as a gardener.


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