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Humboldt Big Up Powder

Humboldt Big Up Powder

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  •  Big Up Powder is a premium bloom booster.
  •  Many similar products contain artificial coloring and dyes, but Big Up Powder is free of all of these unnecessary ingredients.
  • By introducing Big Up Powder in the first week of flowering, you effectively flip the switch in your plant, sending it immediately into an intense flowering cycle.


Sometimes flowers need a little motivation as much as we do, and Big Up Powder from Humboldt Nutrients boosts your blooms, with its natural formulation that contains absolutely no artificial colouring or dyes. Developed by chemists and agronomists, dilute Big Up Powder in your nutrient solution and use in the first and final weeks of your plants' flowering period. During this transitional phase, flowering plants need extra nutrition, and with this premium flower booster, you can encourage your plants to enter an enhanced flowering cycle whilst giving them a boost of energy during the final few weeks of their bloom cycle.


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