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Humboldt Grow Natural

Humboldt Grow Natural

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  • Grow Natural is an ultra-concentrated natural grow formula designed to give your plants the nutrient-rich foundations needed during the vegetation and flowering period.
  • Used in conjunction with Bloom Natural and DeuceDeuce, Grow Natural can help your plants to reach their full potential.
  • The use of Grow Natural promotes full flavors, aromas and beautiful bouquets obtained by the use of the rich and pure ingredients provided by Humboldt Nutrients.


Boosting the growth of your plants whilst protecting the environment is more important than ever before these days, and now you can have the best of both worlds with Humboldt Nutrients Grow Natural. This super-concentrated natural grow formula is designed to boost your plants health and growth during the vegetation and flowering period, for beautiful blooms, rich aromas and full flavours! Formulated with naturally derived ingredients including seaweed extract, ocean fish, bentonite, Yucca extract, Quillaja saponaria and cane molasses, the base ingredients of this unique natural formula boost the growth of fungi and good bacteria in the soil and roots of your plants. Want your plants to fulfil their true potential? Then use Grow Natural in combination with DeuceDeuce and Bloom Natural – dilute in water for general application or use as a foliar spray.


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