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Humboldt Myco Maximum

Humboldt Myco Maximum

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  • Myco Maximum is a granular powder containing 7 species of growth-enhancing mycorrhizal fungi, proprietary ingredients, 11 strains of beneficial bacteria, and 2 trichoderma species.
  • Myco Maximum adds organic matter and helps to break down nutrients and micro-nutrients present in your growing medium or soil which are necessary for plants throughout their life cycles.


You've probably heard of friendly bacteria, but did you know these are just as important to plants as they are to humans? Let's face it, the world is full of microbes and they're not all bad! In fact, in a plant's root environment is teeming with all sorts of bacteria and fungi that play an important role in how a plant uptakes its nutrients from the soil, key nutrients that are essential for a plant's health and high yields of top quality produce. Myco Maximum from the mycological experts at Humboldt is a powder that contains 7 species of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi, 11 strains of  friendly bacteria and 2 trichoderma species, specially selected for their role in nutrient production and absorption . What do these useful microbes do? The short answer is all sorts of things, however some of the most useful processes include the mineralisation (breaking-up) of nutrients for absorption and even increasing the surface area of roots. Myco Maximum can be added to soil or sprinkled near roots for maximum mycoligical effect.


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