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Humboldt Oneness

Humboldt Oneness

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  • Oneness contains a unique proprietary combination of macro and micro nutrients which cannot be found in competing One-part formulas.
  • Oneness protects your garden from nutrient lock-out and salt build-up.
  • Oneness is used as a food source by both plants and microorganisms.


Give your plants all the nutrients they need in one nutrient package, with Oneness from Humboldt. This expert formulation contains a broad spectrum of minerals, vitamins and trace elements, nutrients that are crucial for a plant's healthy development and vital for abundant yields of high quality flowers and fruit. Oneness sets itself apart from the competition as it contains only plant-based amino acids and organic chelates, natural additives that will enahnce your plant's growth in a safe and non-toxic way. Oneness has been specially developed to prevent certain problems that may afflict your crop and undermine grwoth, such as nutrient lock-out and build-up of salt, issues that can have a negative impact on your plant's absorption ability to absorb nutrients.


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