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Humboldt Prozyme

Humboldt Prozyme

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  • ProZyme is an enzymatic treatment for growing mediums. Enzymes are biological catalysts, derived from living organisms, and catalysts increase the speed of naturally occurring chemical reactions.
  • ProZyme is a concentrate, made up of over 80 different beneficial enzymes.
  • ProZyme is a natural biological key, carrying the elements necessary for plant health, and delivering them into the cell wall for maximum absorption.


Get a little help from the pros, with Prozyme – an enzymatic treatment suitable for all growing mediums.  Whilst not a fertilizer (used instead to enrich the root enivornment) Prozyme can have a radical impact on your plant's nutrient uptake, rapid growth and healthy development. This expert formulation contains a concentration of over 80 beneficial enzymes, enzymes that will increase nutrient uptake and improve a range of biochemical processes, including breaking down macromolcules ready for absorption and removing dead or sickly roots. Enzymes are the unsing heroes of the natural world and work by radically improving nutrient uptake, so why not give your plants a little helping hand, with Prozyme – to be added to your normal nutrient feeding schedule. 


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