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Hydor Universal Pumps

Hydor Universal Pumps

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  • High quality and silent running
  • Intake allows for very low water levels
  • Adjustable flow dial provides greater control & an internal filter can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Suitable for both submersible & external use


Choosing the right water pump for your hydroponics system is important to ensure that not only do you have the right capacity for what you need but can also pump more water when you want it to. This allows you to get the initial flow you require but means if you want to change things in the future and need more pumping capacity you can easily do it. You also want to ensure that the pump meets your expectations. The Hydor Universal Pumps are powerful and reliable but also quiet. You can use them as fully submersible pumps and the models come complete with a foam filter. You can also use them externally to the tank for water or nutrients using the supplied pipe-fittings.

Product Specifications:

PumpPowerFlow RateMax HeightDimensionsOutlet Size
Seltz 700 14w 700 L/H 136cm 38 x 49 x 45 mm 13mm
Seltz 1200 27w 1200 L/H 196cm 37 x 45 x 45 mm 13mm
Seltz 2800 55w 2800 L/H 230cm 50 x 79 x 68 mm 16mm


Brand Hydor
Flow (L/Hour) 700 - 1200 - 2800
Head Height Max 135cm - 196cm - 230cm
Input (V) 230/240 - 50Hz
Int Hose 12mm-12mm-16mm
Power (W) 14W-27W-55W

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