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HydroStones 42 L

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  • Improve Yields
  • Prevent Overwatering
  • Eliminate Root Rot
  • Save Your Back

Growstones are the ideal growing media for all your indoor and

outdoor plants. Our highly porous aggregates are lightweight,

clean, and provide more water-holding capacity and aeration

to roots than any other substrate on the market. And the best part

is they are made from 100% recycled glass, and made here

in the USA!



• Boosts plant yields with frequent irrigations

• Lowers weight of large containers

• Prevents overwatering and root rot

• Enhances aeration and retains water

• Prevents clumping of dense soils

• Releases silica over time

• Provides the perfect lightweight drainage layer


Flexible Uses. Growstones can be used in a multitude of ways:


Hydroponic Growing

Growstones give growers better control over various developmental stages of their plants. Its drier nature allows for more frequent irrigations, providing fresh nutrients to roots with no risk of root rot or overwatering.


Super Lightweight Drainage Layer

Growstones aggregates can be used as a thick, lightweight drainage layer at the

bottom of your growing containers to avoid loss of soil after irrigation. They will also save your back, making it easier to handle larger gardening containers.


Soil Mixes

Blended with coco, peat, compost or your favorite potting soil, Growstones provide opulent aeration and fast drainage to your plants, helping your soil and roots breathe.

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