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Iso-Box MDF 125mm / 5inch (250M3 P/Hr) (0.46 Amp)

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  • Remove unwanted moisture and waste gases
  • Keep your growing environment cooler
  • Acoustic MDF boxes minimise noise levels
The Iso-box MDF Acoustic Box Fans essentially consist of a soundproofing box for use with the fan that is used to ventilate your growing space. When combined with two silencers, it provides an entirely silent airflow. Steadily flowing air is essential in hydroponic, aeroponic and conventional soil growing systems as it carries away moisture and any waste gases, and improves the speed of growth as well as yield. A fan helps to keep a grow tent or space cooler as even led grow lights create a degree of heat energy. The fans mounted in these MDF acoustic boxes keep noise to a minimum and Iso-Box is one of the quietest you can buy. Used properly, extractor fans also minimise any problems with temperature control and regulation, and additionally will help you avoid having to deal with issues such as rot, mould, parasitic infestation or overly slow growth.

  • Effectively ventilates your growing space.
  • Housed in a MDF soundproof box for dramatically decreased noise.
  • Helps minimise any chances of rot, parasites or mould spores.
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    Cable Length 2.5M
    Size 125mm 250m3
    Weight for Delivery 10