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IWS Flood & Drain - Drain Filter

IWS Flood & Drain - Drain Filter

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  • Simple and easy to setup
  • System is automated and wastage is low
  • Choose from a selection of inner and outer pots
  • Diameter: 25mm female threaded connection fits to 1" male hose tail
  • Length: 110 mm


What is the IWS Flood & Drain - Drain Filter?

Using a simple tried and tested method, the IWS Pro Flood & Drain System floods your plant's roots with a nutrient solution, then drains it away to a central brain under gravity. The brain contains a float-switch that controls a pump to return the nutrient solution back to the reservoir or to a drain. The flood & drain method ensures roots are exposed to oxygen, which in turn fuels growth and increases nutrient uptake for increased yields. Simple and easy to set up, the automated IWS system keeps wastage low.

What Benefits do I Get Using an Inline Drain Filter?

Since IWS is a recirculating system, it's important that any particulates, suspending in the nutrient solution, are filtered before being returned to the reservoir. This is where the drain filter does just this, reducing the chances of your pumps or lines getting blocked.

With the wide range of IWS Pro Flood & Drain Components & Spares, you can create an automated feeding system to fit your grow-space and with a layout customised to meet your needs. Expect high yields and increased growth with the IWS Pro Flood & Drain System.

IWS Inline Drain Filter - More Information

The inline IWS flood and drain - drain filter is 110 mm long and has a 25 mm female thread that attached to a 1" diameter male drain hose tail or a 16 mm reducing grommet for older 16 mm systems.

The filter sits inside the pot and acts to filter out large particles, stopping them returning to the reservoir. The filter is a hard-wearing plastic cage with a copper mesh that repels roots, limiting their ingress. The

Garden tip:

  • For the best results with inline drain filters, use mineral nutrients as organic nutrients can coagulate over time


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