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IWS Flood & Drain Flexi Tube 30 Meter Roll (25mm)

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  • Simple and easy to setup
  • System is automated and wastage is low
  • Choose from a selection of inner and outer pots

Expect high yields and increased growth with the IWS Pro Flood & Drain System. Using a simple tried and tested method, the IWS Pro Flood & Drain System floods plant roots with a nutrient solution and then quickly drains it away. This ensures oxygen reaches the roots, which in turn fuels growth and increases nutrient uptakes and yields. Simple and easy to set up, this system is also automated and wastage is low. With our wide range of IWS Pro Flood & Drain Components & Spares, you can create an automated feeding system to fit your grow-space and with a layout customised to meet your needs.


MaxiJet Long Lead

The Maxijet 1000 is a replacement pump for the reservoir that can be used with all IWS systems. It has a 5m lead so the tank can be a safe distance from the electrical supply.


Drain Filter

Since IWS is a recirculating system, it's important that any particulates are filtered before being returned to the reservoir. The drain filter does just this, reducing the chances of your pumps or lines getting blocked


1 Inch Hose Elbow - Female

Allows 2 pieces of 1" diameter hose to be connected together at a 90-degree angle


3/4 Inch Barbed Elbow - Female

Allows two pieces of 3/4" diameter tube to be connected together at a 90-degree angle. The barbs reduce the chances of the tubes and fittings coming loose


3/4 Inch Straight Tank Connector

 Connects two pieces of 3/4" pipe together


1 Inch Straight Tank Connector (25mm)

Allows 1" (25mm) hose to be connected to the reservoir without leakage


 Universal Straight

The Universal Straight can be used with the Sealing Gland to get a tighter and easier fit than if hose was used.



3/4 Inch Barbed Tee

Allows three 3/4" pipes to be connected together


Pro Sealing Gland

These Sealing Glands are used on the Brain and pots on all IWS systems, this like for like replacement is easy to swap in the unlikely event of a failure.


Copper Tube Insert

 This 13mm Copper insert prevents roots from clogging the sealing gland. Designed for use with all IWS systems, it can be used in DIY projects too


Pot Size Increase Add-on Module - Aqua

All you need to add another single pot to an existing IWS flood and drain system. Comes complete with: Inner Pot (aqua), Outer Pot, Tee Piece, Sealing Gland, Pot Stand and 1m of Pipe




Pro Tee Fitting - 25mm

Allows three 1"/25mm hose pieces to be connected together.


Pro Elbow Fitting - 25mm

Allows two sections of 1"/ 25mm hose to be connected together at a 90-degree angle.


Pro Straight - 25mm

Connect 2 sections of 1"/25mm hose in a straight line.


Pro Plastic Nut 25mm

Can be used to securely attach 25mm flexi tube, 25mm Pro straight, 25mm Elbow fitting and Pro Tee fittings.


 Pro 25mm Washer

 Compatible with the IWS Pro fittings selection, including the 25mm flexi tube, 25mm Pro plastic nut, 25mm Pro straight, 25mm Elbow fitting and Pro Tee fitting. Reduces the chances of a leak.



Flexi Tube p/ Meter (16mm)

16mm Flexi Tube, comes as long as the quantity ordered in metres.


Flexi Tube p/ Meter (25mm)

25mm Flexi Tube, comes as long as the quantity ordered in metres.


 Flexi Tube 30 Meter Roll (25mm)

25mm Flexi Tube, sent as a 30m roll to be cut to size.


 Flexi Tube 30 Meter Roll (16mm)

16mm Flexi Tube, sent as a 30m roll to be cut to size.



 Control Brain & Timer Unit (Remote)

25L bucket with 2 float valves, 6 sealing glands pre-installed, 6 feed line extensions, maxijet 1000 pump, Anti siphon valve and an IWS brain timer


12 Pot Additional Fittings Kit Bag

Comes with All the fittings for a 12 pot IWS flood and drain system, without the inner or outer pots, IWS brain or reservoir.  The Additional fittings kit bag is useful if you intend on replacing a large number of fittings in your existing set up.


Large Copper Disc

Copper Discs prevent roots from growing outside of their pots and into pipes, which could clog the system. We recommend you change your discs once a cycle to prevent disease.


Float Valve for IWS Brain

Float Valves automatically turn off incoming water once the volumne has reached a set capacity.


48 Pot Additional Fittings Kit Bag

Contains the Fittings to connect 48 IWS pots to an IWS brain


400L Pro Assembly Fittings

Contains the pipes, pump and fittings to connect an IWS brain to a 400l reservoir.

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