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Jiffy 7 Coco Coir Plugs

Jiffy 7 Coco Coir Plugs

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  • Give your cuttings the best possible start in life


Jiffy 7 Coco Coir Plugs are a really simple way of giving cuttings and seeds the best possible start in life. All you need to do is dip the plugs in water until they are wet through and then gently squeeze the excess moisture out. Pop them into your propagator and you're ready to start growing! Jiffy 7 Coco Coir Plugs contain a balanced cocktail of nutrients so you don’t need to add anything. Ideal for organic growers, they also fit effortlessly into rockwool blocks. Jiffy Plugs swell up after you’ve added water and then they’re ready for your cuttings or seedlings. Because they provide enough nutrients to get your young plants going, they’re a fantastic rooting medium that are really easy to use too. Add water, drop your seed in and away you go!


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