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Kent & Stowe Carbon Steel Round Nosed Shovel

Kent & Stowe Carbon Steel Round Nosed Shovel

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  • Length: 110 cm (43")
  • Quality guarantee of 10 years
  • Large tread edge aids comfort
  • High quality carbon steel round nosed shovel - ideal for digging or moving loose media

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What is the Kent & Stowe Carbon Steel Round Nosed Shovel?

This high-quality round nosed shovel from Kent & Stowe features a hard-wearing steel head and a traditional wooden, ash handle. An extended shank offers for improved strength and leverage while digging. The ash handle is split to form a traditional YD.

Why Do I Need a Round Nosed Shovel?

Durable and strong, these high-quality steel pointed spades offer you a lifetime of service. They also come with a 10-year quality guarantee.

The large, rounded carbon steel head is solid and forged from one piece for added strength. A large tread edge adds comfort when pushing the shovel in with your foot. The comfortable wooden handle helps leverage and aids comfort when digging into heavy or stony, hard going or compacted soils.

The shovel can also be used to dig or loosen soils in raised beds and borders. Round nosed shovels are great for moving loose media, loading wheelbarrows, mixers or broadcasting lawn dressings as well as digging holes or turning soil in larger areas. If your digging new ground, compacted or very heavy soils, you may need to break it up with a digging fork to loosen it before turning over with the shovel.

Using a Round Nosed Shovel

Round nosed shovels are ideal for larger areas or moving loose media, like pea gravel, sand or top soil. The round nose helps to penetrate stony soils where a more traditional spade or shovel may struggle. They suit cultivation jobs to turn and break up soils. Great for raised beds or creating new vegetable plots and breaking ground for planting up with wooden cold frames.

CAUTION: When digging, it's important to keep a straight back at all times. Always use the shovel to leverage the soil with minimal effort and deposit soil as close as possible to minimise twisting and stretching.

For earlier planting in larger gardens, use a poly tunnel with growhouse shelving or a walk in growhouse. Whatever space you have available, get a jump start on spring and choose from our range of growhouses.


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