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Kent & Stowe General Purpose Hedge Shears

Kent & Stowe General Purpose Hedge Shears

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  • 5-year guarantee
  • Cutting diameter of 6 mm
  • Premium ground carbon steel blades with non-stick PTFE coating
  • Lightweight aluminium handles and non-slip grips
  • Easy to grab to quickly trim and smarten up your hedges and shrubs

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What are the Kent & Stowe General Purpose Hedge Shears?

The Kent & Stowe general purpose hedge shears are a premium cutting tool, perfect for all your light trimming tasks around the garden. Easy to grab to quickly trim and smarten up your hedges and shrubs. The non-stick PTFE coated carbon steel blades won’t rust and give you a smooth cut. Lightweight aluminium handles and comfortable non-slip grips enable extended use. These hedge shears come with a 5-year guarantee.

Use these shears for cutting and shaping soft, non-woody stems, up to 6 mm diameter, and leaves of hedges and shrubs. To keep the blades in good condition wipe with an oiled cloth after each use and sharpen when necessary.

How to Best Use Hedge Shears?

Hedge shears are a must have tool for trimming soft, non-woody stems and leaves to keep your shrubs and hedges tidy. This hand tool is great for getting intimately close to create those super-sharp lines and defined flat hedge-tops that will make you the envy of your neighbours. Shears are also useful for clearing overgrown perennials to expose slower growing vegetation.

They’re not great with thicker, woody branches. For this sort of work, you’re best using a more suitable tool such as the Kent & Stowe folding saw, Kent & Stowe bypass secateurs or Kent & Stowe loppers.

When Should I Sharpen My Shears?

In general, sharp blades cut through vegetation much faster and leave cleaner cuts. Clean cuts heal faster with less chance of disease. You'll need to sharpen your shears when the blades dull and trimming becomes difficult. A sharpening stone can help you keep your blades sharp. Always refer to the user instructions for the type of sharpening stone you're using.

Garden tip:

  • Before using the sharpening stone, prepare it with a few drops of paraffin oil.
  • Carefully clean the blades to reveal the condition of the blades.
  • Secure the shears in a vice and push the sharpening stone forward across the blade on a consistent angle, moving sideways with light downward pressure.
  • Try to maintain the same sharpening angle along the blade.
  • It is important to sharpen the outside, angled side of the blade only.


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