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Kent & Stowe Ultimate Leaf Rake

Kent & Stowe Ultimate Leaf Rake

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  • Length: 172 cm (48")
  • For collecting leaves and tidying debris around your garden
  • Ideal for large and small tidying tasks and heavy duty jobs
  • Stop leaves blowing around causing issues around the home
  • Clear leaves from lawns, patios, paths and drives
  • Keeps drains and gutters clear

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What is the Kent & Stowe Ultimate Leaf Rake?

The Ultimate leaf rake features an extra wide head for the ultimate in leaf tidying. This rake is ideal for sweeping leaves on lawns, clearing soakaways and hard areas around the house and garden.

The rake features an extra-wide 76 cm (30″) plastic rake head with 30 tines. The hardwood handle is the perfect height for easy working and eliminates the need for bending, reducing back strain. The Ultimate leaf rake is versatile. It's literally M.A.D (Maneuverable, Agile and Diverse) with the upright luxury of a long shafted tool.

Benefits of the Ultimate Leaf Rake

The Ultimate leaf rake is an important tool in your armoury. It makes collecting fallen leaves fast and easy. Left alone, they'll clog drains and gutters. They look unsightly on lawns, paths and driveways and, when wet, present a slip-hazard!

Garden tip:

  • Leaves make a superb soil improver in compost heaps for use in beds and borders.

Will Leaves Cause Issues On My Lawn?

Leaves are beautiful - on trees! In late autumn, the temperature drops and they start to fall off and adversely affect your lawn. Large carpets of fallen leaves block light and suffocate the grass plant. The same applies to smaller areas affecting even the toughest of lawns.

Use the Ultimate leaf rake to remove leaves from your lawn, avoiding issues like:

  • Smothering the grass and killing it (in as little as a few weeks)
  • Decreased air flow, allowing moss to take over
  • Promoting lawn disease
  • Attracting worms
  • Worms attract moles


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