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Matrix Reflector

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  • Natural Extraction of Heat.
  • Reduces the Size of Hotspots.
  • Distributes Light Homogenously.
  • 5” Extraction Diameter.
  • Prime European Aluminium.
  • Swiss Design.
  • 68cm x 62cm x 15cm

The Matrix Reflector has an extremely reflective aluminium coating of up to 97%.

The modern, swiss design allows an even illumination of square areas, up to 140cm x 140cm, so its perfect for a 1000w lamp.

When compared to a standard euro reflector, a higher level of illumination is thrown by the reflector into the corners of the tent, allowing plants in the corners to receive more light than they would do otherwise.

The constant illumination also reduces hotspots, as the light is spread evenly across the space, reducing the amount of stress the plants receive.

The uniform dispertion of light allows for higher yields as the entire footprint is bathed in an equal amount of light.

The Matrix reflector features a unique passive heat dissipation design, which allows heated air to pass through the top of the reflector. Hot air rises, and much like a chimney, the vent in the top of the shade allows this hot air to escape. Tests have shown that this affect allows the temperature around the shade to be decreased by more than 10%.

The vent at the top of the shade can also be connected to your extraction system making the cooling active and increasing the cooling effect further as hot air will be extracted directly.

Please note that if using a HPS bulb in the reflector, the bulb may run cooler with active extraction, which could alter the colour Kelvin of the bulb.

Extraction fans should be placed after several metres of ducting to stop the heat from the bulb damaging the fan.

How to Use:

Compatible with all HPS 240v E40 Mogul bulbs, 250w - 1000w

Due to the convex shape of metal halide bulbs, they don't fit in these units.

You'll need a ballast with an IEC connection and bulb with E40 fitting.

Hang the reflector in the centre of the space which you want to illuminate. you can adjust the vertical height with ractchet hangers or light yoyo's