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McCulloch Petrol 40.5cm Chainsaw

McCulloch Petrol 40.5cm Chainsaw

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  • 42cc petrol powered chainsaw with a power output of 1.5 kW for regular use
  • Manual side chain tensioner
  • Easy-access air filter and CCS pre-filtering technology for fewer stops
  • Soft Grip handles and Anti-vibration system allows longer working

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What is The McCulloch Petrol 40.5cm Chainsaw?

The McCulloch Petrol 40.5cm Chainsaw (model: CS 42S) is ideal for more frequent use. The CS 42S is a 42cc petrol-powered chainsaw with a power output of 1.5 kW and capable of a 14”-16” bar (chainsaw blade/guide). The CS 42S is equipped with a manual side chain tensioner. CCS (a centrifugal pre-filtering system), Soft Start to make cold-starting up to 40% easier, combined controls, Oxy Power (engine technology giving extra power to shape nature), easy access air filter cover, soft grip handles and a full anti-vibration system. This lightweight, powerful petrol chainsaw weighs in at only 5.2 kg* and features a high chain speed and adjustable front handle.

Why Do I Need The McCulloch Petrol 40.5cm Chainsaw?

The McCulloch Petrol 40.5 cm Chainsaw is perfect for anyone that needs a hard working chainsaw for more heavy-duty, frequent use. This petrol-powered chainsaw is perfect for homeowners and landowners to keep control of trees, established hedging or to make light work of heavy duty-garden cutting. Padded handles allow comfortable working. A double activated chain brake provides increased safety. Simply activate with the right hand or it'll be automatically set by inertia when the saw is running down. The simple to adjust, manual chain tensioner means you can maintain the chain tension or even change the chain with ease.

What are the Key Features of the McCulloch Petrol 40.5 cm Chainsaw?

The following key benefits outline why you need this awesome chainsaw in your daily routine:

Soft Start

Soft Start makes starting your McCulloch product much easier. It reduces the resistance in the starter cord by up to 40%.

Combined Controls

All start and stop controls are integrated in one, this allows easier starting and reduces the risk of engine flooding.


With the OxyPower engine technology, you can get that extra power to shape nature, without hurting it. This technology offers a better fuel efficiency, meaning more power but also 70% less emissions and 20% lower fuel consumption.

Easy Access Air Filter Cover

Easily remove the single screw and remove the engine cover for hassle free maintenance.

Soft Grip

Soft Grip provides rubberised handles for maximum user comfort, allowing longer use.

Anti-vibration System

The saw handles are isolated from the engine and cutting attachment to minimize vibration. Coupled with soft grip handles, this allows you to work more efficiently and for longer periods of time.

CCS Long-Life Air Filter System

The innovative CCS air filter system lets you work longer with fewer breaks to clear the air filter. Using centrifugal cleaning, the intake air is pre-cleaned and larger particles, created when cutting, are ejected before reaching the main air filter.

McCulloch Petrol 40.5cm Chainsaw Product Specifications

Feature Specification
Cylinder Displacement (cc) 42
Power Output (kW) 1.5
Blade Type Chain
Bar Length (cm (in)) 40.5 (16)
Chain Speed at Max. Power (m/s) 17.15
Pitch (cm (in)) 1 (3/8)
Oil Pump Type Automatic
Oil Tank Capacity (l) 0.25
Product size h x l x w (cm) 29.8 x 75.6 x 26
Weight (kg)* 5.2
Handle Dual
Starting Mechanism Trigger (with soft start)

*Excluding cutting equipment.


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