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Mix This! Soil Aerator 42 L

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  • Boost Aeration and
  • Drainage of Your Soil!

Nothing is more important than having an ample supply of oxygen

to your plant's roots. Oxygen helps roots absorb nutrients faster and

can considerably increase plant growth rate.


Perfect planting mixes are very porous and hold lots of water at the same time.

When blending Growstone Mix This! with your soil, you are helping water-

saturated media breathe, allowing for more air movement (oxygen) and better

drainage. Mix This! can be mixed into coco coir, peat, compost or your favorite

potting soil. We promise it'll be the best soil mix you ever grew in!


Growstone Mix This! is made from 100% recycled glass and is 100% American

made. It's highly porous, lightweight and clean. What's more, it imparts silica

to your soil and provides more aeration than anything else on the market.

Roots love it!


Frequent Feedings. High Yields. No Root Rot. More Control.

Growstones planting mixes are drier, more aerated and better drained than 100% coco, peat or compost. Blending Growstones Mix This! with any media allows for more frequent feedings providing fresh nutrients to roots with no risk of root rot. At the same time, the drier nature of the planting mix gives growers better control over the blooming stage.


The Result

• Boost plant yields with frequent feedings

• Increase aeration in water-saturated soils

• Even drainage creates healthier roots

• No risk of over watering

• No root rot

• Release of silica reinforces cell walls, improving resistance against mildew, drought and chewing insects.

• Great indoors - outdoors

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Size Buddhas Tree Coco A+B 10L