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Cultilab Multi Chamber 160 x 120 x 205cm Grow Tent Kit

Cultilab Multi Chamber 160 x 120 x 205cm Grow Tent Kit

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  • Perpetual Harvest Grow tent kit
  • Everything’s matched, you can be sure of amazing results
  • 3 different sections to house plants through all stages
  • Multiple oversized sockets for easy, versatile extraction
  • Strong, sturdy tent frame & canvas with metal corner pieces

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Our most versatile, 3 in 1 Grow Tent Kit

We know that growing in a small environment can be challenging, with growers completing seed to harvest cycles in their tents; all plants tend to be brought through the growing process at the same time. In medium and small spaces, there’s often not enough room to keep plants in all stages since the plant relies on the light schedule to determine what stage of growth it’s in so a vegetative and flowering plant cannot be in the same space unless they are auto-flowering.

This Multi Chamber Kit has 3 different sections giving you the flexibility to keep plants in whatever stage they are needed. In the smallest section, you can fit up to 154 propagation cubes which will cover your needs in terms of fresh plant stock. In the medium section there’s room for 1 or 2 mothers and around 4 x pre-vegging plants which you can be bringing on whilst your main crop flowers in the largest section.

Crop turnaround times will be reduced since your able to rotate plant’s, so your most mature plants are constantly flowering, reducing down-time. It’s like you’ve got 3 separate tents in 1 while using less space and costing cheaper than the equivalent separate tents.

It’s almost £200 cheaper than when all components are bought separately – representing amazing value for money! You can be safe in the knowledge this grow tent kit will provide the perfect environment for plant growth year round.

You’ll need to think about the method of growing you want to use to utilise the space. You can use pots and hand water which can be labour intensive or invest in a hydroponic system to keep your irrigation automatic, getting higher yields with less effort!

Kit Includes:

Grow tent

Cultilab Multi-Chamber 160x120x205cm - The Cultilab Multichamber is one of the most versatile tents on the market, it’s stronger than the competition too, thanks to the metal corner pieces.

3 different lights (one for each section)

>1 x Optilux Digital Light Kit - Digital Lighting runs cooler and uses less electricity than magnetic ballasts.

>1 x 4ft 4 tube Lightwave T5 - The Lightwave is a robust unit which will provide the perfect intensity for your mother plants and vegetative plants.

>2 x 3ft T5 Combo - Using a similar technology to the lightwave CFL units, we’ve included some T5 lighting for the upper section. This is the perfect amount of light to get cuttings to root and seedlings to sprout.

>1 x Sunblaster Combo Strip - The combo strip allows the combo lights to be connected together and hung from the top of the tent.

>4 x Ratchet hangers - To suspend the lights and extraction system – Ratchet Hangers are a secure method of hanging all types of grow room equipment.

>3 x Maxiswitch Pro Solo timer - Set your light schedule individually per chamber, to keep plants in the type of growth you want; more than 16hrs a day for veg, 12 hrs a day for flower.

Extraction System

>5” / 125mm E2 L1 RVK fan - RVK Fans are workhorses of the Grow room. They will consistently perform as advertised and stand up well to the humid environment.

> 5 Metre Cable with Plug : To provide power to your extraction system.

>Assassin Carbon Filter 125 x 300 - Assassin Carbon Filters will scrub the air of volatile organic compounds, ensuring only fresh air is expelled from your tent.

>5m 125mm Assassin combi ducting - Combi ducting is abrasion resistant and will allow you to pass your exhaust air out of the tent. We recommend venting outside or to a different room to prevent air cycling.

>125mm Jubilee Clips - Quickly secure your ducting to your various extraction components.

x15 cable ties - keep everything tidy within the tent

3m of Smooth reflective aluminium tape - make sure there’s no leaks in your extraction.

Included Extras for Propagation

You can propagate baby plants from seed or cuttings – Using this kit, the established young plants can go into any hydroponic system or into your choice of pot to be hand watered.

2 x Root It Propagators - These 2 propagators will fill the entire top shelf, and perfectly fits an SBS tray

2 x SBS Tray 77 - Each SBS tray has 77 rockwool cubes, allowing you to propagate a total of 154 plants!

2 litre Aquaking Pump Sprayer - When seedlings and cuttings are young, it’s important to keep humidity up so we’ve included a pump sprayer so you can douse your babies daily.

A Sterile Scalpel - Cells must be cleanly cut for roots to form, use a sterile scalpel to cut clones. Replacing the scalpel every 10-20 cuts will reduce the likelihood of transmission of disease between plants.

50ml Clonex Rooting Hormone - Clonex’ results speak for themselves, there’s a reason most growers choose this product when taking cuttings; maximum success rates.

1L Hydrotops Root Stimulator - Early on in a plant’s life, Roots should be the focus of the grower, only once roots have established can we start pushing the plants growth above ground.

1L Hydrotops Head Start - Hydrotops head start is a complete feed for young plants. It’s perfect to spur root, leaf and stem production early on in a plant’s life. When the plants are hardened off and out of propagation into vegetative growth, you should move on to a ‘grow’ or ‘veg’ base nutrient.

How To Use:

Complete instructions are included with the tent.

Please Note: In the event of stock shortages, alternative brands matching the same specification will be provided.


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