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My CO2 Bags

My CO2 Bags

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  • Constant C0₂ for up to 6 months
  • No expensive gas bottles or equipment
  • Hardwood substrate for longer life
  • One MY-C0₂ is ideal for 1.2m²

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MY-C0₂ will consistently produce C0₂ for up to 6 months and has the most advanced industry filter system for a more even gas exchange. One MY-C0₂ is perfect for 1.2m² of space, for bigger areas multiply the amount of sacks needed by m² area.

How to Use MY-C0₂ 100% Natural C0₂

C0₂ is heavier than the other gasses in the air and hanging the sack over your crop will release C0₂ downwards, alternatively, position the sack by your air inlet because air diffusion and convection will also distribute C0₂ throughout your grow room/tent.

The power of MY-C0₂ lies in the Mycelium mass inside the sack but remember: Mycelium is alive and constantly produces C0₂ 24 hours a day in the right conditions: For optimum results keep temperatures below 28-30°C

If MY-C0₂ bags are out of stock, have a look at Exhale C0₂ Bags that offer similar benefits – it just depends on availability as to the type we have in stock.


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