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Neutralizer Complete Kits

Neutralizer Complete Kits

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  • Effectively Neutralizes Offensive Smells
  • Multi-Award Winning Product
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Plug and play - Quick Installation
  • Does not absorb into the surrounding environment
  • Natural essential oils
  • Different sizes to suit all spaces

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Neutralizer kits come complete with unit, power and cartridge.

Why Choose The Neutralizer?

All the current products in the market target odours on the way out of the room in the ducting or in adjacent rooms. Any leaks that a room may have are very hard to identify and impossible to combat leading you to use all different kinds of masking agents or air fresheners.

The Neutralizer is the only product in the market that can target the smell from the origin, inside a grow room, thus making sure the room has no odorous leaks.

How Does it Work?

It works using Terpene Aromatherapy. This is when one set of terpenes efficiently neutralize another set of terpenes upon interaction of the two. So, unlike other products that produce an overpowering odour to mask the offending smell, The Neutralizer is a system where the aroma produced is used to cancel out the other. e.g. To eliminate the smell of roses from a rose grow room with guaranteed efficiency and without harming the rose bush, then plant jasmine in the same room.

The Neutralizer Essential Oils are composed exclusively of plants, fruits, flowers and herbs making the oils a completely natural product, and come to think of it, it is another plant, but in liquid format making our oils safe to use inside a growing environment.

Will placing The Neutralizer in my Grow Room affect my plants?........NO!

Plant species can co-exist in a controlled environment without affecting each other’s properties. Think of a greenhouse with a multitude of fruit and veg being grown. Harvested produce won’t taste or smell like each other.

If you’re looking for replacement refill cartridges – they can be found here.

Complete Kits:

The Neutralizer Road Kit

The Road Kit will effectively neutralise a standard size family car

With the addition of natural accelerants, activation time is reduced to only 5 minutes!

The Road Kit essential oil will last up to 45 days with 2 hours of use per day (92 hours with 24/7 usage)

The Neutralizer Compact Kit

The Compact Kit can neutralise a space of 20m3, or 710ft3*

The oils also last for 6 weeks with 24/7 use

Simply plug the unit into a standard 3-pin UK plug

Suitable for a variety of spaces including hotel rooms, bedrooms, grow rooms

1 hour activation as standard. Comes with a zip tie so you can attach this to your grow tent’s pole easily

The Neutralizer Pro Kit

The Pro Kit is able to neutralize a space of 375m3 or 13,000ft3*

The oil cartridge will last between 4-6 weeks with 24 hour use

It only requires 1 hour for the room to be fully neutralized and smell free

The largest neutralizer unit manufactured – suitable for industrial applications and for spaces larger than those commonly found in residential properties

How to use:

Make sure to select a neutralizer that’s powerful enough for the space you intend to use it in

Complete instructions are supplied with the unit – make sure you give them a good read before using the neutralizer

Unscrew the refill cartridge and fit it to the neutralizer unit, making sure to cause no damage to the wick as it’s not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty

Once your confident the refill is securely attached, you can turn the unit on to provide neutralizer’s odour fighting capability!


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