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Newatt Pro Water Heaters

Newatt Pro Water Heaters

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  • Submersible Heater with electronic regulatation & read out
  • Robust & High precision
  • Available as 50, 150, 200 & 250w


Nutrients in your hydroponic system need to be kept warm. If they're not then the cold is likely to slow your plant growth and make a significant difference to the health of your crops, the yield you might expect or, in the worst case scenario, dead plants! You can easily prevent this with the Newatt Pro Water Heaters and stop your nutrient solution from getting cold.

The heaters have very efficient heating elements and have an unbreakable tube together with electronic control of the temperature you set. This guarantees completely safe running. If you need to be sure the heating is on there is a pilot light indicator. There is a temperature scale on the cap that's used to regulate the heating precisely and easily without having to take them out of the water.

The NeWatt Pro Water Heaters have an adjustable knob on the top, ranging from 22-31 degrees C - You can be certain it will maintain your nutrient solution at the desired temperature.

NeWatt Minimum
50w 25 L 50 L
100w 50 L 100 L
150w 75 L 150 L
200w 100 L 200 L
250w 130 L 250 L

How to Use:

Make sure you get a heater large enough to cope with your reservoir size.

Never let your submersible heater run out of water as it can lead to the unit over-heating.

If you need to cool your nutrient solution, use a hailea chiller


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