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Bio-Green is formulated based on the demand to improve yields and end product overall quality – they’ve exceeded their goal, hence why bio-green is quickly growing in popularity across the UK, Europe and USA. Read the buyers guide below for more info on BioGreen Nutrients.

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Bio Green use the highest quality bio-organic and minerals in all their products.

Base nutrients from Bio Green have a good price/quality and is very affordable to include in your garden. Reviews from customers using biogreen are favourable in a range of environments. We recommend using the bio range if possible, but if you prefer sterile systems, use the hydro A+B base.

Bio Green nutrients can be employed in all substrates and leave no residue behind so they’re suitable for all system types. The boosters and additives can be used alongside other ranges, just be careful with dosage – an underfed plant is much easier to treat than an overfed one.

Take a look at each product to see what it can bring to your garden - If you've got further questions you can contact our expert team on 0800 085 7995 or email us