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Octa-Mitter Adjustable Dripper (On Stake)

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  • Adjustable, non-compensated dripper with a stake
  • Allow you to adjust the flow
  • Deliver water to your plants effortlessly and with complete reliability
The Octa-Mitter Dripper is an adjustable, non-compensated dripper with a stake. To use it simply unscrew the cap one click at a time and this will allow you to adjust the flow. Depending on your requirements, you can vary the flow to between 0 and 40 litres per hour. As this is a simple pin type dripper it is not as sophisticated as the more modern pressure-compensated drippers, so you will have to be vigilant as it may be more prone to blocking. But keep it clear and it will deliver water to your plants effortlessly and with complete reliability. Hydroponic Drip feed systems can be used with an array of hydroponic growing media. They provide one of the best irrigation methods for the novice and professional indoor grower alike. Specialised systems often offer a better option than hand watering and are commonly used with clay pebbles and other substrate that don’t hold much moisture.

  • Delivers water to your plant brilliantly.
  • Can be used with a variety of growing media.
  • Configurable flow varying between 0 and 40 litres per hour.
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