OptiClimate 10000 Pro 4 Water-cooled System 8m

OptiClimate 10000 Pro 4 Water-cooled System 8m

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  • The OptiClimate 10000 PRO4 from the new PRO 4 series is a lot more efficient with water and electricity and has a much higher dehumidifying capacity
  • Dimensions: 1050 x 800 x 505 mm
  • Connection: 1 Phase 3x4 mm² + D35-1F MCB or 3 Phase 5x2.5mm² - D20-3F MCB


Hydroponic equipment is always moving forward and the OptiClimate Pro 4 series is a case in point. With the OptiClimate 10000 Pro 4 Water-cooled System you can now use less water and power to dehumidify but remove more moisture from the air. It will dehumidify during daytime and stay at the set temperature. Heat is not released into the water but goes back into the cold air. Thus the unit doesn't consume water and keeps the climate stable. During the night period, the unit cools the air as well so it is dehumidified, passing the extracted air back to the cold air so there is no consumption of water. As the warm air is used again it makes heating elements unnecessary, though there are heating elements to make sure the correct temperatures are maintained. The unit has a cooling capacity of 10kw and can significantly reduce consumption of water and power.

  • Uses less power and water than other water-cooling systems on the market.
  • Has a cooling capacity of 10kw.
  • Cut down on your electricity and water bills.
  • Specifications

    Brand OptiClimate
    Dimensions (L x W x D) 1050 x 800 x 505 mm
    Heating 3 x 2000W
    Input (V) 230V - 400V
    Phase 1 of 3
    Power (W) 2150W
    Water Consumption 3 to 6 litres Per minute (depending on cool water temperature)
    Weight for Delivery 140

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